Monday, October 25, 2010

Halloween Card and Postcard 2010

This year, I was going for simple and sweet for my Halloween greetings.  I succeeded for the most part and here is what I came up with:

A very simple card using black and green cardstock.  I got the stickers at WalMart and used some spider confetti I had and along with some ribbon I found at ACMoore.  I made an envelope out of orange cardstock using the Martha Stewart score board (a very useful tool!!).

I made this little saying up.  It's not Hallmark...but it works!

I found this stamp at Hobby Lobby!  Now I can make postcards so easy!  Love it!

For this postcard, I just stamped the frog and didn't ink his crown.  Then, I free hand cut a hat out of black cardstock and some craps of silver paper I had.  I followed the shape of the witches hat from the WalMart witch stickers I found (above).

Not too bad, eh?

Happy Crafting!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Grown Up Halloween Mini Album!

I did have some fun finishing this up...but it took longer than I thought!  I'm not as creative when it comes to spooky and scary minis. My career is in forensics and I was having issues with this? I guess it's just a different when it's not work. LOL Hope you enjoy!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Odds and ends

This is the "haul" that I got over a few days of major coupon shopping.  Here's a tip:  Michael's accepts competitors coupons.   Being the largest craft store, their selection and prices are often far superior, so you can find items and get a great deal!  Happy shopping!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Scrappy Christmas Card

I found a whole bunch of scraps from a Christmas crop I did last year and decided to put them to good use!  This card is *really* easy and you probably have all the stuff you need already.

Un-dead Fred

This is the first zombie!  It took me about an hour to put him together including the sewing.  I chose parts from a few patterns and changed him a bit, but the result is one creepy looking little dude!  Fun!

I went on a shopping spree of sorts over the last few days and I picked up the paper that I'm using in the background for this picture.  It's from the Martha Stewart holiday paper collection in 'vampire'.  I might post a haul video on youtube so you'll be able to see all the goodies.  This paper collection is probably my favorite find though!  Two Peas in a had it here...but, Michaels had it on sale too, so if you're near one be sure to check them out.  So many good sales going on right now...hard to resist!