Friday, February 4, 2011

A "little behind"?-A Belated Birthday Card

This is an idea I found in a local scrapbooking store and thought "I can finally use this!"  Honestly, I miss birthdays more often than I like, but I'm really trying to make it better in 2011!

I used a heart shape that I cut out using the cricut, inverted it and then cut off the pointy end...see?  To make the bloomers (what am I?  from the 1920's??) I traced the heart onto the paper, then went back and trimmed them to fit.  I attached the lace using the ATG gun.  The bloomers, or underwear, or whatever are paper from the Paper Studio (Hobby Lobby) and the lace I picked up a long time ago from a thrift store.  The letters, of course, are from the cricut (Lyrical's the only letter cartridge I have!!).  So...voila!  Not too hard to make and I think it will get a good laugh :)  Happy Crafting!

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