Sunday, September 26, 2010


Zombies seem to be popular right now, for reasons I really don't fully understand.  Movies like Shawn of the Dead and Zombieland are entertaining for sure (I can't lie, both those movies are hilarious--see 'em!), but I'm not running out to get a t-shirt or anything.  That said, I found some zombies that I'm totally excited about:  Zombie Felties!

I'm thinking of trying to make the pirate zombie first...maybe the classic zombie.  I'll post again when I get one done!  The directions are simple and, and I really love this:  you don't need to blow up any of the templates for the zombie parts.  So, you can trace right from the book if you want.   The beads are probably the most expensive and hardest parts to find, which are relatively easy to find and not really expensive.  My husband wants me to make some of these and put santa hats on them for Christmas ornaments....yikes.  We'll see!

Happy Crafting!

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