Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Challenge....dun, dun, DUNNNN!!!

So, I've decided to join Marion Smith and some fellow youtube friends in a 31-day/31-goal challenge.  The idea is that we make a small video every day and accomplish a goal.  It could be crafty related or anything that we really need/want to get done.  So, far...I'm keeping up okay!  Here's the first video.  If you want to join the challenge, go to youtube and go to Marion's (apieceofcraftdotcom) youtube page.  I'll check in every so often and post the videos here during the challenge, as well as post some other stuff I'm working on.


  1. Hello Heather, This is fun to watch the 31 day challenge that several folks are doing. It has inspired me to organize some of the boxes in my craft space too. Keep up the good work. Valerie

  2. Thanks Valerie! The challenge definitely is challenging! I just gutted my craft room. Now the fun part of putting it back together. Ugh! Good luck with your organization adventures too! Hugs, Heather